Flexible, open, powerful: the techno­logy, that adapts to your business.

GTS-CAT ensures that smaller businesses can also enjoy the advantages of the GTS Standards. The platform is set up, so all the important features are easily available even if users are only working in Microsoft Excel.

GTS compliments existing industry solutions by providing the features for automated Data transfer that were previously lacking. This takes place in an open dialogue, using innovative approaches, & most importantly, without entering competition with IT Providers. To the contrary, the new GTS Sector Standard is already supported by a variety of key Software Providers.


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Sign up, install & start….Ready-to-use performance

Unlike many other software solutions, GTS can be implemented without a long onboarding phase. The clear user interface is the central docking station that connects GTS with your IT Department.

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Speaks your language…& 4 others!

In addition to English, GTS-CAT is available in French, Italian, German & Spanish. Every user can easily work in their native language.

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Special Feature:
dynamic growth

Our industry requires flexibility & speed so GTS-CAT adapts easily to new challenges with a growing range of functions.

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One sector – one language: the new standard

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Those who share data receive more in return.

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