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GTS must meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. That is why the price is always based on your company’s revenue in the last business year.

In Step One, you can first determine whether you want to use only GTS Language or GTS-CAT. We call this Key One.

In Step Two (or Key Two) you can choose to pay an additional, annual fee to contribute to the GTS Standard, discuss relevant topics with innovative industry players, & gain targeted, advanced knowledge.

The Third Component, which determines the Membership Fee, depends on when in the calendar year you become a Member, as well as your download volumes & data traffic you incur. We would be happy to calculate an individual price list upon request, as a complete package that is structured & tailored to your needs.

Are you interested? Get in touch with us. We would be happy to create an individual offer to best meet your needs.


Tailored to your business:
our service packages


Simply looking to use GTS and let others handle the development? KEY One includes:

  • The use of GTS-CAT – in particular:

    Configuration & download of the GTS Language Catalog (twice each year).

    Download of demand Data (supplier) or Master & Certificate Data (brand).

  • In addition to the membership fee, a download fee based on download volume is normally applied – currently charged as a flat rate. Uploading data is free.


Interested in learning from other market competitors and applying your experience as one of the first companies? KEY Two includes:

  • All services from Key One plus additional:
  • Participation in all the topic-based virtual work groups (ca. every 3 to 4 weeks for approximately 2 hours each).

  • Participation in in-person Member Meetings (every 3 to 4 months) usually hosted by a Member Company.


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