Global Textile Scheme:
You give fashion a voice.
We’ve given it a language.

GTS has developed the first standardized industry language and basic technology for the automated exchange of essential data along textile supply chains.

This means lower personnel and interface costs, better data quality and a circular economy.

The result is more efficiency and sustainability.
For all company sizes.

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GTS is the new B2B standard for the exchange of detailed product data.

The principle: Suppliers provide their data via a standardized catalogue and in return receive precise information on the current requirements of their customers in production and retail. For this purpose, experienced textile experts converted for the first time terminologies, customary in the textile and fashion industry into a machine-readable and multilingual format.

GTS is not another IT platform or marketplace, but an industry initiative of market participants and IT providers.
Economic efficiency, circular economy and current and future legislation in supply chains: All of this absolutely requires standardized data exchange between all parties involved, for companies of all sizes.
GTS developed with GTS-Language a product data catalogue, which easily adapts, quickly and inexpensively to your individual product world. This allows you to translate (map) your historically grown master data into a standard industry-wide data format. This mapping is only necessary once.


GTS-Language smoothly integrates with your PDM, PLM, PIM, and ERP systems and is already an integral part of the software solutions of numerous well-known IT providers in the industry.

As a supplier, you upload your relevant product data of raw materials, trimmings, finished products including certificates, e-commerce, sustainability properties etc. to the GTS-Cat platform using simple Excel files. As a customer, you automatically import this data from your suppliers into your own IT.

Each product class has its own core data sets that are constantly being developed and adapted by industry experts. This allows you to exchange your product data with all your business partners in the same language – without “transcription” or additional interface effort.

The GTS initiative is financed by usage-based fees. There are two models for use and participation.
·· KEY One – use all GTS functions as license
·· KEY Two – Actively shape the GTS standard to your company’s requirements

For details, conditions and prices applicable to your specific case, we will be happy to provide you with a customized proposal: Simply contact us!

·· Reduces personnel and interface costs.
·· Improves data quality.
·· Expedites handling of certificates.
·· Facilitates implementation without any training.
·· Customized to all company sizes
·· Reduces lead times.
·· Lowers capital commitment due to more efficient planning.
·· Enables systematic communication of sustainability features to customers.
·· Provides reliable compliance with legal requirements.

·· ABOUT US ··

Global Textile Scheme (GTS) is the new industry standard for easy communication & transparent data exchange in the textile & fashion industries.

We have developed a powerful & user-friendly automation tool which neither IT providers nor larger companies have been able to establish as standard to-date.

We supplement & support existing system landscapes. Our solution is exceptionally helpful for smaller suppliers & brands, as a foundation for increasing your competitiveness in the sustainable use of limited recourse – thus preserving our environment.

Migration: Integrating the GTS Language in larger data structures is just as easy as implementing as a gradual alignment of your own IT Systems to the GTS standard – choosing the solution that best fits your degree of use.



In order to make sure that all stakeholders speak the same language, the members of the GTS Initiative have established a uniform structure for essential master data in the form of a catalog.

This catalog consist of universally applicable product characteristics, which can be flexibly organized into clearly defined product classes. Since many of these characteristics tend to be repeated within individual product classes, the universal industry language can be used to create an astonishingly concise, machine-readable and multilingual catalog format.


GTS-Cat is a cloud-based platform that optimally supports the requirements of the GTS system, for the implementation of the new basic technology. This includes configuring the GTS Language catalog according to individual user requirements, and making it available for download as a JSON file when desired.

GTS-Cat also allows users to upload their current demand data, making it machine-readable for suppliers and accessible in a standardized data format – with just the push of a button.

With GTS-Cat, GTS Language also offers the option of standardizing data for further applications (e.g. CSR, Recycling, Circular Economy, Certificates, etc.), with almost unlimited, expandable download options.

GTS-Cat is so easy to use that even smaller companies can afford and make use of the technical capabilities of GTS (using only Microsoft Excel, if necessary).


The GTS Initiative is the community which continues to develop all GTS components, as well as the entire GTS standard. Hardly any other sector has ever evolved as dynamically and comprehensively as the textile industry. The Global Textile Scheme must be able to react flexibly to the speed with which the demands of today’s consumers keep changing.

The GTS Initiative is the space in which innovative users can define the praxis-based requirements they need their data management systems to address. As part of the initiative, these requirements are converted into topic-based work groups. The strength of the community lies in the accumulated expertise of their innovative members, as well as in the consistent sharing of tasks; this is how the GTS standard was developed in a short period of time. Within the community, collaboration is clearly structured, solutions-oriented, open, and features a flat hierarchy and a lot of fun working together towards a shared goal.

Become part of this important sector initiative! Develop the GTS Language and GTS-Cat further. Help us shape the future of the industry. The GTS initiative is the ideal forum for interested, success-oriented companies who want to learn from one another, grow together, and implement new efficiency measures for their own business.


High Data quality – fewer interfacing requirements

Optimal Data quality is an important factor for success for any company.

  • The best data quality comes from where the data is created: This is what the GTS strategy is based on. Because GTS users get their master data directly from suppliers with the push of a button.

  • With data requests as its basic principle, GTS minimizes transfer errors and automates data generation. This especially advantageous during hectic periods of scarce resources.

  • By doing away with manual effort, much more and better-quality data will soon be available, than is commonly possible in current day-to-day business. No more effort spent searching for important master data (e.g. for B2B or B2C product descriptions).

  • GTS allows clearly defined, functional connections in all product classes. This means IT developers only one single interface need to program a single interface, and this is done per product class for all GTS users rather than per individual client.


Your access to the new industry standard – and what you gain from it

GTS enables you to quickly and easily enter the world of automated data exchange between suppliers, producers, brands and retailers. So that collaboration becomes faster, more secure and more sustainable.

Don’t miss out on the Future – become a member now and secure your benefits: