Supporting a good idea is the best way to profit from it.

Here is a relevant analogy: Textile value chains don’t need faster horses these days; they need modern vehicles.
Together, we can do what individual companies cannot.
Efficient, collaborative, fact-based – & quick.

The initiative is finally here – and it needs visionaries & success-oriented actors.
It requires deciders, like you.

GTS thinks in terms of efficient, value-adding processes, rather than in terms of technology. That is why our Members need practical industry experience rather than specific IT skills.

Are you innovative, bold, & proactive?
Do you want to do big things & benefit from them?
Can you identify & develop good ideas & want to implement them?

Welcome to the GTS Initiative!


Work with us, develop GTS & spread the News that will enable you to do what you do best!

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One sector – one language: the new standard


Because every contribution counts.

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