No more misunderstandings: This is the language of fashion.

Only by speaking the same language can you be certain that all your partners receive the correct information.

Every user can configure the GTS Language catalog using the GTS-Cat platform in accordance with their individual needs. So that only the most crucial data is exchanged.

Existing data from both sides can be translated into the GTS language, without great expense of effort, using each EDIFACT converter or mapping software. These solutions are usually already available in most companies.

This ensures that all suppliers, who provide the product data, always speak the same language as their clients – down to every last product detail.

This is only possible because the GTS Standard is collaboratively developed and continuously improved by many market players.

In other words:
one button


Over 700 defined attributes and other important master data.

Thanks to their profound industry experience, the developers of the GTS Language catalog created a clear and logical structure that is machine-readable and available in several languages using rigorous coding.

In a global industry like ours, this is a key requirement.


Give me your number:
the code for the button.

The idea behind the GTS Language is incredibly simple: Each product characteristic and/or characteristic value receives a unique code, which can be communicated between the supplier and client. This allows each user to easily work in their own native language.

The language currently includes 215 different characteristics to describe a button, for example. Each user can specify which of these they need.


They describe everything: The combination of unique features.

Aspects relating to the Circular Economy, Sustainability, the latest German supply chain law, increasingly important Certificates, or the EU “Digital Product Pass”: all of these constantly require new data, which can no longer sustainably be generated manually.

GTS users, however, have all this important data on hand thanks to the automated transmission of product data.

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